Saturday, December 7, 2013

Captured on Film!

This blog has been getting awfully Japanese lately . . . 

And now a cry for attention --

Me, the hard-drinkin' Westerner.
Recently I was caught on two videos relating to Korea! This first one is from a hip-hop concert and seminar I went to in Seoul while I was studying there. I'm the only non-Korean guy in the video, so I'm pretty easy to spot. I also look like a somewhat awkward and tired alcoholic (I was there by myself because none of my friends wanted to go). Still, the show was a lot of fun and featured the underground Korean hip-hop duo Noise Mob as the headliner. It was pretty sweet! I didn't realize I was in the promotional material for this until a couple of weeks ago, but the event was last winter. Still, check out the video below!    

The second one is from Arirang Korea TV and documents a Korean cultural fair, in part managed by my Korean language professor at the University of Toronto. I'm the doofy-looking guy with the bicycle helmet sitting at the table (I swear I'm the least photogenic person I know). Still, it was also a lot of fun. The festival featured traditional Korean music and a quiz in which I got pretty far but got kicked out because I didn't know enough about K-drama and K-pop. Darn Hallyu kids!   


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