Saturday, December 7, 2013

A few articles . . .

Recently discovered two articles that I thought were pretty neat . . .

Katy Perry as a geisha singing her track "Unconditional" at  the AMAs. While quite an aesthetically pleasing performance, it may perpetuate outdated stereotypes of ethnically East Asian women, among other things.  

This first one is about Katy Perry's geisha-inspired performance at the American Music Awards and what's wrong with it. I was going to take a stab at tackling this one, but this Jeff Yang fellow did a way better job than I ever could have and goes the same route I would have taken, so I decided to just link his article. Check it out!

The second is a wonderfully concise article by Chin Lu, who explains why having an Asian fetish is different from having a "type." I've both written and read extensively on this topic, but this article I thought was particularly well written and really hits the nail on the head. Check it!     

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