Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rockin' in Chinese

Almost two weeks ago I decided to make a little Top Five list of the East Asian music tracks I was listening to the most in August and was a little surprised to find that they were all Korean. Now there is nothing wrong with that, and I am learning Korean, so listening to Korean music makes sense, but I suddenly realized that I was ignoring several other countries' (especially if you count Southeast Asia) music scenes. Yesterday I found myself with some free time, so I decided to Google "Chinese Indie" to see what I could find. I have been out of touch with Chinese music for a long time, as most of the C-pop music I listened to was back in high school and was from the likes of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Sammie Chen, Anita Mui, and others of that generation. While I do enjoy a bit of East Asian pop music here and there (J-pop, C-pop, K-pop . . . take your pick), nowadays it's the freshness of these countries' indie music scenes that interests me the most, which led me to search out the Chinese-language indie scene. And thank goodness I did, 'cause I found some pretty awesome music!

This here is the first music video of Taiwan-based P!SCO, an alt-rock group comprising three girls and two guys. I won't bother telling you their names, 'cause if you watch the video they are all wearing jerseys with their names on. This song is just awesome; I love the vocals and the insanity of the hook with the brass samples, and the video is great too! I even went the extra mile and sampled more of their music. I found them to be pretty diverse and pretty AWESOME! 

But of course what kind of person would I be if I didn't acknowledge the website that referred me to them. My friends, if you've got an itch that only Chinese indie music can scratch, then I entreat thee to head over to This tumblr page is constantly updated with all sorts of news, videos, and pics of Chinese indie groups. It's a fine resource to get you started on the topic for those of you who are interested. As for me, I think I'm gonna keep on strolling down Chinese indie avenue -- it seems like a great place to be!        

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