Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun with Ukiyo-e

Look at that! Isn't it cool? The other day I was looking up Japanese woodblock prints for my course on Edo period urbanization and I found this picture illustrating an all-out battle among the Street Fighter II character roster, rendered in the ukiyo-e style of Japanese art! If you've seen any traditional Japanese art then it may have been ukiyo-e, as there are many famous surviving works in that style. I am a huge Street Fighter nerd, so I was really excited to find this. It's actually part of a whole set of video-game-inspired ukiyo-e illustrations, which can be seen here at the Geek in Heels blog. Apparently you can actually order real woodblock prints of these! (details on the original post.)

Incidentally, there's also a Star Wars set by a different artist as well. I've always been a big fan of ukiyo-e illustrations, so this is all pretty neat! See if you can figure out what all the paintings are referencing. If you want to check out some traditional ukiyo-e paintings, click here for the Ukiyo-e Gallery (that's the website's name)!

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