Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crayon Pop Raises the Bar Bar Bar

Sorry -- misleading title. To say that up-and-coming K-pop group Crayon Pop is raising any bars is not exactly accurate, but they do seem to be doing something newish. I got wind of this video from a number of different blogs, and upon eventually watching I couldn't decide if it was a hilarious parody of K-pop or simply just another entry in an already insanely saturated market. I've noticed that it's received over 4 million views on YouTube, and a number of bloggers can be cited as calling it the potential next Gangnam Style. Enjoy . . .

I doubt this will be the next Gangnam Style, mostly because Gangnam Style was a cultural phenomenon that no one saw coming and thus, I would argue, is impossible to recreate. Still . . . what is this?

Here we have a group of five girls. I'm glad they're colour-coded in some parts, because I'm having a hard time telling them apart. And no, it's not 'cause I think all Asian people look the same or some such racist thing. It's because . . . well, look at the picture above! They all have those baby eyes, that cutesy demeanour; they look like they're about 14 and on top of that have matching clothes and helmets(?)! (They're actually all in their twenties, the oldest member being a mere two years younger than yours truly.)

So if you watched the video you'll know that all the usual roles are filled. They have . . . uh, a "rapper" and . . . four other girls. Okay, so apparently this is their latest video, and the thing about it is that it's just so goofy! So goofy, in fact, that to me it feels almost satirical! That silly pogo dance (my unofficial name for it) that they do in perfect unison, the fact that they seem to be hanging out in an abandoned amusement park, that shot of them pushing the merry-go-round 'cause it's not working -- and the helmets! It's funny! Also the song is kind of catchy. Their previous music videos were way more conventional, but this foray into quirkiness seems to have set them apart, as they've apparently gone viral. This is further illustrated by their having released two videos earlier that were rather derivative and that this is the one that got popular.

Honestly, though, I think it's about time Korea had a "weird" or quirky K-pop girl group -- I mean one that is consistently weird and quirky. Yeah, there's G-Dragon and PSY, but those are single acts for the most part. I like new ideas, and if there's any genre of music that could benefit from a few new ideas it's K-pop. Yeah, I said it! If Crayon Pop is one of those new ideas, then I'm all ears. Stay fresh, girls, and please don't take yourselves too seriously. It's more fun that way!

P.S. I would love for Crayon Pop to be what some might refer to as an "ironic" K-pop group. I think you know what I mean. I doubt it will happen though.                 


  1. They may be hard to tell apart because two of them are identical twins.

  2. I didn't know that, that would probably add to the confusion.

  3. I didn't know that, that would probably add to the confusion.