Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She is the one... Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon as she appeared in the first season.
Hey, friends! Something a bit lighter today. The Internet personality the Nostalgia Critic most recently took a look back at the North American version of Sailor Moon! Remember that show from your childhood? (If you were born between the mid-80s and early '90s then you probably do). I remember being called Melvin (the swirly-glasses guy) in elementary school by girls in my class. In all fairness I was a pretty nerdy-looking kid with glasses, so I suppose it stood to reason. I also remember not realizing that the show was from Japan until quite some time after it became popular. I remember the toys and the cards people had and not being able to admit that I watched the show from time to time because I was boy, etc., etc.--good childhoody times. While its obvious that the Nostalgia Critic is neither a fan of the show nor an expert on Japanese culture (it's okay, most people aren't, myself included), his videos are often entertaining and his analysis interesting.

Check out the video here!
Melvin from Sailor Moon--and me in elementary school, apparently. 

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