Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How embarrassing! Only, not really . . .

Well, imagine my surprise when the video I spent hours ranting about in the last post turned out to be staged!

*Waw waw waaaaaaaaw*

Well, don't I feel silly. I guess I got "trolled," so to speak. Well, whatever, I'm man enough to know when I've been played. So yes, a little bit embarrassing, to say the least. HOWEVER, I'm going to leave my post up, because honestly that whole video business was sort of the final straw that unleashed a torrent of rage from yours truly about shit that actually DOES happen and that DOES piss me the hell right off. So fine, the rant kind of loses a lot of the initial effect, but you know what? It's still relevant! So up she stays. Here's the article about the video being fake: 

Still, the whole thing sounds a little odd to me. A horror short? Really? Seriously!? Well, whatever, who am I to judge? It's kind of a relief to know that this didn't really happen, but the whole business did stir up some interesting and disturbing issues, such as how many Korean and non-Korean netizens alike were calling out the victim for being . . . well, I dunno . . . a woman!? Shit, drunk girl gets harassed and assaulted by two guys and people blame the girl!? For what, being drunk?! So girls can't drink because guys might f*ck with them!? What kind of messed-up world are we living in!? (This is a rhetorical question. I already know the answer.)  

This brings up some juicy issues I would just love to post about in the near future!

Anyway, despite the video's being fake, it's still a known fact that people act up and do stupid shit in other countries because they feel as if "It's not my home. I don't have to respect anyone here! I'm gonna be an asshole!" I've witnessed this firsthand a number of times during my time in Asia and it really does make me furious, for the reasons I stated in the rant. So there you have it. Not taking back anything I said, except maybe the part about the dudes being human garbage . . . since they didn't really do what it was I thought they did. Whatever. Think of the rant as an allegory or what-have-you. But yes, this video does bring to light myriad social issues that must be considered by all of us. Perhaps in that respect it may have done some good? I feel like that's worth thinking about.               

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