Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do I Have an Asian Fetish? (Part 2)

I don't actually believe this. I just thought this was a funny pic.
So you might be thinking, "So what? I like Asian girls. BIG DEAL! Some people like Latinas, some like Russian women, some like black girls. Why am I being persecuted for my preference!?" Well, my friend, in my opinion your preference might be perfectly legitimate; however, I believe it is the reason for that preference that decides its legitimacy. Maybe you have an attraction to certain physical attributes that you have found to be more prevalent among East Asian women. Fine--I don't really see that as being a particularly harmful reason to gravitate. Unfortunately, in my experience this is not the end of the story for a lot of men interested in Asian women. 

Too often have I heard statements from non-Asian men drawn to East Asian women such as "Asian women are so cute and polite," or "Asian girls are so romantic and loyal and will never cheat on you!" or "I've heard that Asian girls are freaks in the sack!" or "Asian girls are so exotic!" And of course the worst, in my opinion . . . drum roll please . . . 

"[Insert ethnicity here-->] _______ girls are just too stubborn and headstrong. I've heard that Asian women are way more feminine [and submissive--this is often omitted but it's implied] and that's what I'm looking for!" I feel it is seriously disturbing that some men feel this way.

Yes, as in Wong's article, these are some things that non-Asian (though not specifically white) males have ACTUALLY said to me, word for word. I also strongly suspect that many people assume it is for these reasons that people do have preferences for East Asian women. It is evidently true in some cases, and in my experience these cases are uncomfortably common. This is very bad, because if you are thinking this way you are subscribing to the belief that ethnicity constitutes personality, behaviour, and mannerisms. You are stereotyping and you are being RACIST, whether you mean to be or not--textbook racist, in fact! (The belief that ethnicity constitutes or is directly linked to behaviour is one of the dictionary definitions of the term racism. Seriously, look it up!)

This is where I believe many "Asian fetishes" stem from. The fetishist believes that Asian women embody certain "ideal" traits that are inherent in Asian women and that said fetishist finds appealing. The fetishist thus views procurement of an Asian partner as a goal or ideal. This may be dumbing things down a bit, but I would certainly argue that this is a fairly good example of chasing something for the wrong reasons.

So there you have it, my definition of an "Asian fetish." Now comes the second question. Do I have an Asian fetish? Surprisingly, I would argue no.

Find out why in Part 3!

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