Sunday, July 14, 2013

Be like whisky, my friend . . .

So Bruce Lee stars in a Chinese Johnnie Walker ad shot in Hong Kong . . . what?!

Half CG and half body double makes for a spitting image of Bruce.
Seems Johnnie Walker's Chinese advertising team decided they needed to summon the unrivalled and almighty power of Bruce Lee to sell some bottles. They're either desperate or geniuses! This ad is pretty neat and features a partially CG'd Bruce Lee talking about how awesome the whisky is. According to sources, the makers of the footage even collaborated with Lee's daughter to make sure all the mannerisms were as they should be and that no disrespect was given to his memory. I'm still not sure how respectful it is to use the late Bruce Lee's image to sell whisky, but Johnnie Walker is pretty good, and Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris and is my top choice for people I would like to meet if I had a time machine. So regardless of your stance on it, it's at least kind of neat to watch for hardcore Lee fans like myself. Only problem is he's speaking Mandarin, and EVERYONE knows Bruce Lee was raised in Hong Kong and as such was a proud Cantonese speaker! Preposterous!

Check the video here!     

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