Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Returner

Anyone remember that Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) movie of the same name as the title of this post? Anyone? ... This post is not about that movie.  

Where were you, Alex!? I needed your insight! 
I really have to stop disappearing and leaving month-long gaps between postings if I want this blog to go anywhere, but lately I was so wrapped up in a number of things concerned with my foreign exchange experience, which left me with little energy or time to blog. However, now I have returned and hopefully for good, as running this blog is always interesting and never not! So, my dedicated readers (a.k.a. my mother), fear not, for I shall once again regale you with all manner of East Asian knowledge through the lens of my brain! (I feel that last sentence doesn't make any sense.)   

So what happened to me? I was maintaining another blog, intensively learning traditional Korean drumming, studying, drinking, having fun, sleeping, going to concerts, etc., etc. Life here in Korea has been fun, hard, depressing, uplifting, inspiring, and considerably insightful and is soon coming to an end. My original plan was to intensely document the whole experience on this blog, but my schedule made that very difficult. Hence I have decided to fill you all in after the fact, as it just makes things much easier for me. Many bloggable things have taken place and I wish to tell you about them over the next while, as well as providing my usual commentary on random stuff. Stay tuned (or bookmarked?)!

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