Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sweet Treats For Your Ear Holes - Zion T. - Red Light

Like R&B? Don't mind listening to some sweet Korean beats? Then this is what you should be listening to RIGHT NOW.

Album cover for Zion T's Red Light
These days Zion T (a.k.a. Skinny Red) seems to be the talk of the town in the indie hip-hop and R&B scene, with a number of collaborations over the past couple of years with a number of prominent Korean hip-hop artists. I got my first taste of his sweet vocals from "Secret 2," off Dok2's (that's pronounced "doke-ee" by the way) Love & Life, the Album, which I had on repeat for months! Recently Skinny Red has gotten in with Amoeba Culture, the Dynamic Duo-founded collective of diverse and talented hip hoppers, and also released his first album -- which is really damned slick! 

Zion T
Red Light, Zion T's debut, is an omnibus of sweet sounds featuring such artists as Dok2, Verbal Jint, Beenzino, YDG, Crush, and Gaeko, from my all-time favourite Korean group, Dynamic Duo. Each track has a distinctive sound and feel, and while I certainly like some tracks more than others, the album comes across as being really solid overall and produced with care while demonstrating Zion T's diverse vocal range. I was blown away by the track 지구온난화, feat. YDG, which had Skinny Red singing reggae and doing a damned good job of it. Listening to this album for this first time can be likened to eating an expensive box of handmade artisan chocolates. You might not like them all equally but you can't help but appreciate the time and effort that went into making them -- definitely worth your time and money if you like R&B, hip hop, or just well-produced music overall. 

P.S. His videos are also wonderful! Here's a taste for your viewing and listening pleasure . . .


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