Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Korea with Pops

So yes! I'm in Korea now! Pretty random eh?

I was so busy with stuff that I didn't update my blog in quite some time and as such many things have happened! Remember how I was supposed to go to Yonsei university in South Korea? Well I'm there now. Yeah... kind of wish there was more build up to that, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Before anyone asks, Korea is awesome! Having lots of fun as usual but also lots of work.

In other news I can't stop listening to this song. . .

So if you actually read my blog regularly you may know that I'm not crazy about K-pop, I don't hate it, I'm just not a "fan" (as in short-form for 'fanatic'). The reason is because I think of K-pop groups as being more like "products" rather than legitimate artists. What makes artists legit? Heart and soul brothers and sisters! I feel that for music to be "art" it should come from somewhere special, like past experiences or real emotions. However, much (but not all) K-pop groups undergo intense training, promotion, and yes, often cosmetic surgery to look and act a certain way while singing songs often written by writers hired by their respective promotion companies. What you often get is a really squeaky clean, yet not entirely unique entertainment "product" or "brand name". Just like American pop stars!

Don't get me wrong, these folks are often talented and work REALLY hard, but their music is mostly manufactured, at least in my mind, and thus I find it hard to treat it with any more seriousness than I feel it deserves. Idolizing k-pop stars to me is like worshipping my cellphone (I am aware people actually do this sort of thing). Nevertheless, even I must, at times, grudgingly accept that some of these ditties are pretty darn catchy! And so I present Sistar's Alone, for your consumption. This came out a few months back but I discovered it last week as I awoke from a night of drinking in Masan to hear it blaring out of my friend's cellphone at 8am in the morning as he used it for his alarm clock. Gotta admit, just hearing that part made me wanna hear the whole song, and honestly, it's not bad at all!              

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