Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Secrets of East Asian Women Part 1

Greetings, my pupils. Make yourselves comfortable as I, Professor Alexander, impart to you the knowledge that has been revealed to me in my many travels to the Orient and dealings with its diverse peoples. For the Orient holds many secrets and many more treasures, and of these, none is more tempting to the intrepid young gentleman than the tantalizing, sumptuous, and bountiful peaches of the East! But of course, it is of no fruit that I speak, nay! For what I speak of are the delicate, beautiful, and ever modest pearls of Asia with their dark, flowing locks, almond eyes, and skin as soft as lotus petals . . . ARGH! I can't do this anymore.

So yes, if you have a soul and half a brain, that should have made you laugh, cry, groan in agony, or feel really uncomfortable. If your reaction was awe and wonder followed by your uttering, "Yes! Tell me more, Professor Alexander!" then you need to get with the times!

 I've been waiting for a long time to write this article but never really knew how to approach it in a concise way. It's something that has always bothered me immensely and now I finally feel that I can explain it eloquently.

As an East Asian studies specialist, when asked about my major and upon answering, I am often posed a follow-up question along the lines of "So do you like Asian girls too?" This question annoys me no end because, regardless of the speaker's intent, it feels as though the person asking the question is implying that the reason I pay more than $10,000 in annual course fees and spend long hours studying East Asian societies, culture, and language is because I'm looking for a girlfriend. However, at the same time, my answer is almost always yes . . . but not for the reasons many might think.

I like East Asian women because I am a heterosexual male and am not (at least consciously) racist. Throughout my time on this earth I have had amorous feelings towards and relationships with women of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, including, but not limited to, women who could be described in the following ways: white, black, East Asian, Latin American, and South Asian (sometimes and problematically referred to as "brown"). This is because growing up in a bustling cosmopolitan city like Toronto and having friends from numerous backgrounds has made me realize that culture and ethnicity are two separate entities entirely, and when it comes to dating, the latter plays a much smaller role . . . unless you're racist.  
However, I also must admit that most of my past girlfriends have been East Asian or have come from East Asian backgrounds. Does this mean I suffer from the dreaded "yellow fever"? This is a term that describes an indiscriminate infatuation for all East Asian members of the opposite sex, and I find it to be overtly negative and deeply insulting to ethnic East Asians everywhere. I would argue no. I just know a lot of ethnic East Asian people, so I meet a lot more women from this ethnicity than others. It often seems to me that the problem here is that many of my peers expect me to have some sort of ulterior motive in my selection of East Asian girlfriends, apparently based on grossly outdated stereotypes that I shall unravel here in part 2 of this article!    

See, the thing I find to be most irksome about people's curiosity concerning my dating of ethnic East Asian women is the questions that often follow my yes answer. These often consist of one of the following: "Because they're cute?" "Because they're submissive?" "Because they're exotic?" And the worst and most cringe-worthy, "Because they're easy?" . . . Seriously, I mean, really? REALLY? Good god, people. The thing that blows my mind is that I have received such questions from people of varying ethnicities and cultures, including East Asians as well as people my age . . . in the 21st century, no less! Staggering, is it not?

All right, so if you don't know why this irks me so and why I can confidently say I don't date ethnic East Asian women solely because of their ethnicity, it is because these stereotypes -- which are thought to distinguish East Asian women from women of other ethnicities -- are in modern times untrue. Whereas some stereotypes may have an air of truth to them, these ones are old and outdated and currently do not exist, inside or outside of Asia. I shall look at every stereotype I've listed and explain my theories of how such misconceptions came to be, why they are no longer valid, and what we should do about it. This is going to be a multi-part article because I have LOADS to say on this subject. So check back tomorrow for the next part, and Viva La Woman!

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