Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yo, yo! A few days ago I watched Bangkok Knockout, a barebones action film by the fine folks at Sahamongkol films, the guys who brought us Ong Bak back in 2003 and Tom Yum Goong (a.k.a. The Protector) in 2005. The film follows a group of youngsters who are members of a stunt team as they win a reality show that will supposedly take them to Hollywood. Unfortunately for them, the contest was a hoax and by winning the contest, instead of going to Hollywood, they become chosen to take part in an illegal underground reality show in which they must fight random fighters to the death for the enjoyment of a rainbow coalition of evil rich people!!! Holy poop!

So, the verdict? The story is ridiculous and only serves to set up fight scenes. However, if you've seen other Sahamongkol action movies, you will know exactly what to expect. I walked right into this film expecting a flimsy storyline whose sole purpose would be to create situations in which a tae-kwon-do expert must fight off two mounted motorcyclists, and that's what I got. As usual, the action is INSANELY good, featuring stuntmen who seem to value their own well-being about as much as most people regard a penny in the gutter. The choreography is fantastic and fight scenes are creative and numerous. Basically, if you have an hour and forty minutes to spare and you've had a long day, then you might wanna give this a look. It's a lot of fun. Southeast Asia seems to be where the action movies are these days!

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