Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been really busy with summer school lately and trying to make rap tracks. Yeah, that happened, heeheehee. But recently I finished the Korean course I was taking, offered by the Korean consulate. The best thing? I got this really cool certificate that looks all official and stuff! YAY! So my Korean has been improving a lot these days, and I was thinking of starting a second blog . . . entirely in Korean! My Korean skills are pretty rudimentary at this point, but I think I know just enough that I could write at least some short, if not entirely compelling, blog posts about Korean music and food, my experience learning the language and my eventually studying there. So yes, the idea is to start a second blog, in Korean, about Korean stuff. Why? Because I think it would give me more of an opportunity to use all this Korean that I've been learning and probably help to improve my Korean as well. So yeah, I'll see how that goes and will let ya'll know if and when it's up. I also have a lot of friends in Korea who might get a kick out of it.

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