Monday, June 11, 2012

The men behind Just Kidding Films.
Oh my goodness, I love these guys. Here's something out of Asian America. I've just discovered Just Kidding Films, a media sensation founded by Bart Kwan and Joe Jo. I'm surprised it took me so long to become aware of these guys. Their whole thing is making comical videos that tackle various things such as Asian (particularly Asian-American) social issues, stereotypes (both ethnic and gender-based) and the more general social issues of America at large. And they are pretty damn funny! When I first started watching their videos I thought they were just a one-trick pony playing various East Asian and Southeast Asian stereotypes. But after showing a few skits to my friends and watching a bunch of their videos, and considering the wealth of issues they tackle, I'm convinced they are genuinely hilarious and relevant! I'm all for exposing the major flaws of society through comedy! Good on ya, guys!

Here's their website:

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