Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey, hey, here's another pic.

This is a sign that was at the entrance to a mountain trail in Namhae, located on the southernmost point of the Korean peninsula, when I was there in 2008. The sign roughly translates to "actions prohibited in the park" and under it is a bunch of rules and stuff about things you can't do. I just thought this sign was cute so I took a pic. I also thought it was kind of interesting to note the gesture the bears are making, using two hands instead of one to say "stop." Perhaps I'm overthinking this a bit. But yeah, CUTE! Incidentally, there's actually a lot of cute warning signs in Korea. This sign was followed by the one below, which isn't that great a pic but I think it's hilarious ... and cuuuuute!

In Korea, bears fight lightning! Look at the little bear ... so cute!


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