Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's a bit of interesting news that isn't strictly East Asian but is certainly worth mentioning. I just discovered this magazine!

Yes! This is Hyphen magazine! Now, you might may read my previous post griping about the inconsistent way the hyphen is used in North America. I must reiterate. The hyphen in terms such as African-American, for example, does not bother me so much as the way the hyphen is popularly applied to some ethnicities and not others. Regardless of that, this magazine is pretty cool! If you read my blog, you may remember my recent post about the profound differences between "Asians" and "Asian-Americans." Well, if you want to investigate that further, check out this magazine! They have a website that posts many of their articles with interesting info, interviews and all sorts of funness! I just read a pretty nifty article about the spread of kimchi in a bunch of random states in the U.S. and an interview with the legendary George Takei! Had to give this mag a shout-out! Check it! URL below!


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