Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another bit of Asian Americana,

As I mentioned previously I'm now HOOKED on JustKiddingFilms. Seriously, look  'em up on YouTube or Google -- they're hilarious!

 But also they've done a fair bit of work with the L.A.-based rapper Dumbfoundead. So I finally got around to listening to some of this guy's work, as he kept showing up in their vids, and it's damn solid. Good lyrics, good rhyme schemes, nice beats, relevant messages, but also some fun, silly tracks too. He's doing some good stuff there. I first heard about him, oddly enough, through Korean rappers Epik High, as he showed up on the group's 2009 Map the Soul album, which is pretty sick! Anyway, Dumbfoundead's tracks are great and so is his YouTube channel, where he answers questions, talks about his city and just comes across as being a totally down-to-earth, interesting dude. Check it!  I remember seeing a poster of his a few months back, saying he was coming to Bar+ in my city of Toronto. I totally missed it... I'm kicking myself now.

This particular track is called "Town" and it really speaks to me. I love my city and the people close to me who live in it, but I also want to get out of it big-time for a number of reasons, which is one of the reasons I'm gonna go study in Korea. WOO! This is the acoustic version. The album version has some electronic beats that sound pretty smooth.  


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