Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yo, been discovering some nifty Korean hip-hop videos lately. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE KOREAN HIP HOP. So yeah now you know. But my friends, the important thing is that I also LOVE HIP HOP IN GENERAL! See, if you listen to Korean Hip Hop but your one of those Korean culture fanatics (yes they exist), who ONLY listens to Korean hip hop, but shuns American classics like Wu-Tang Clan or Naz or Tribe Called Quest or Slick Rick etc. etc. than your gonna miss tonnes of sick references that Korean rappers make to the tracks that inspired them back in their green days. So yeah... something to think about. But anyway, Korean hip-hop has been going on for over 20 years now and ya know what? It's pretty damn good! (a lot of it anyway). And no I'm not talking about kpop idols who rap in their tracks or whatever. I'm talking about real, underground, muthaf*cka's from the streets! The streets of Seoul, or Incheon or Busan or whatever!

Hands down, my favourite Korean Rappers, Dynamic Duo.
But seriously, there's a lot of hip-hop talent in Korea that deserves to be recognized. I've been listen to Korean hip-hop for a few years now and lately I found these two tracks that I can't stop listening to. One is by YDG, or Yang Dong Geun, if you will. He's actually a famous actor in Korea but he also raps. While having more of a west coast kinda sound (I generally prefer east coast myself) and not being the most prolific rapper in Korea, he certainly has some hilarious rhymes and his beats are always pretty sick in my opinion (I have all is albums in CD form, love the guy). The video is quite minimal and low budget for him, but still has a certain charm. And the other is by a dude named Simon D whose relatively new on the scene but seems to have exploded in a big way. I think he was originally part of Supreme Team, an awesome rap duo. His video is a wonderful allegory of Korean night life, which I have had the awesome pleasure of participating in during my times over there.

Check em out below!

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