Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello friends! Just had my birthday party last Saturday and it was good times. We had beer and maki, and bulgogi and all kinds of great stuff. A bunch of my good buddies came and we had a wicked time! I am now 26, so old!!! (just kidding I don't really care). In other news I've started watching Hawaii Five-0, its a show about cops in Hawaii! The show is pretty silly ultimately and is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. It's about a crack team of "super cops" (unofficial terminology). Basically the story is, the governor (I think that's what they call them in the states) of Hawaii hires this ex-navy seal to compile a team of good, trustworthy, able people to wipe out crime on the islands of Hawaii. In return this team is given all the resources of the Hawaiian government and granted partial immunity in going about their business. The team is dubbed Hawaii Five-0 (after the fiftieth state). The show runs on action movie logic. The main cast is frequently solving problems with guns and brawling with little consequence, which is... AWESOME! The result of this formula is that just about every episode is like a self contained action film, with good action I add. It's good fun.

But perhaps the best thing about this show is that its been giving ALOT of work to Asian-American actors (Yeah yeah, I know I wrote that whole article on hyphens). Asian-American actors, it seems, are constantly getting shafted when it comes to big time roles in the movies and television. How many A-list Asian-American actors are there on television and in Hollywood? Your answer would likely be a single digit, its pretty sad considering how long Asian-Americans have been part of the U.S.'s demographic spectrum, but I digress (for now). Anyway the show is good with that, featuring Daniel Dae Kim (from Lost), Grace Park (from Battlestar Galactica and a bunch of Canadian shows, wheeeee!), and Masi Oka (from Heroes). The show also features a bunch of other Asian-American talent with single episode cameos and a few reoccurring characters. Jason Scott Lee (the guy who played Bruce Lee) was in a recent episode I saw and that was pretty nifty.

The cast of Hawaii Five-0
The show also drops a lot of Hawaiian cultural references which I find to be pretty awesome because I've always been interested in Hawaii, and Hawaiian culture. I would assume these references, often in regards to tradition, food, cultures etc. are at least fairly accurate since the show is shot on location with a few actual Hawaiians in the cast and production team. It's apparently also a re-make of a show by the same name which began airing in the late 60's and wrapped in the 70's. While the current series drops a few references here and there, I've been told they're VERY different.             

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