Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Didn't blog for a few days because, honestly, I haven't been doing a whole lot, at least not much East Asian related. I have been studying Korean like a fiend though, which has yielded positive results. I'm just trying to increase my vocabulary and master complex sentences, its pretty hard, but I'm actually enjoying it. And its may now! Which is my bday month, so I'm trying to organize a party, but I've been really lazy about it. I'm also trying to read through The Tale of Genji or Genji Monogatari (源氏物語) for all you Kanji readers out there. Its probably the longest book I've ever tried to read and I initially found it kind of boring, but now a days I'm really into it. Heian-Japanese culture is pretty darn interesting, more on that when I actually finish the book. On top of that I've been working out like crazy in preparation for schooling in Korea. I just got my marks back for the term and it averaged out to a "B" so now I can breath a sigh of relief as I'm practically guaranteed to go now WOOOOOH! Yonsei here I come! And finally I made bulgogi the other day and it was REALLY good and actually tasted like bulgogi! I'm proud of myself. Anyway that's all for now, I will eventually get to writing that article that I was gonna do and make another video soon!         

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