Friday, April 13, 2012

The mad flurry of studying continues as I prep for two exams. Doesn't sound like too much right? Only two right? Well that would be my sentiment exactly, however, I got nominated to go abroad and study at Yonsei University in South Korea! This is totally awesome, however, it also means I need to keep my GPA up so I'm studying like a maniac with paranoia peeked. But anyway more on that later.

In other news, I made some maki! This is a pic of my first attempt at salmon and avocado maki last week. Turned out pretty awesome and tasty! I always remembered people telling me that making maki is supposed to be super difficult, and although those aren't the finest looking maki I've ever seen, I'd certainly say that its really just a matter of learning how to do it. Which, honestly, is not all that hard if you just follow the steps... but you don't have to tell your friends that, hehehehehe. Just remember, its all in the rice!

I also tried this beer! A friend of mine from Japan came over to Toronto for a month and stayed at my place for just over a week. He knows that I'm a beer aficionado of sorts so he brought me some Suntory: The Premium Malt's, a beer from Japan that isn't available here in Canada. Generally I'm a pretty big fan of malt beer, and this one certainly tasted premium! ...meaning that I though it was tasty. It had a malty, flavorful taste and a soft texture. It's pretty interesting to have a malt beer that goes down easy. So yeah, good stuff here I thought. Also the name invokes such mystery! "Malt's" is spelled with an apostrophe, meaning that its a possessive! So who's beer is it!? Yours or the malt's?! Good god! I love Engrish hehehe. This beer is also featured in every Yakuza game so I lost my sh*t when my buddy pulled it out of his suitcase! Thanks Akio!   

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