Sunday, April 15, 2012

I just finished watching the last two events of Asia's new fight promotion, One FC. If you read this blog at all, you may know that I'm a pretty big fan of MMA and though I watch UFC on a regular basis, I'm quite interested in the scene over in Asia as well. Having been a regular watcher of Japan's Dream promotion, and remembering that they haven't had an event in several months I checked their website to take a look at when their next event would be. What I found was some event called One FC x Dream in which well known dream fighters went over to Singapore to fight for a promotion called One FC. Having never heard of it before I checked it out and managed to find their last two events on the net and after watching both of them, I think there might be something awesome here.

Ever since the legendary Japanese fight promotion Pride FC went bankrupt in 2008 (or around that time) I had been looking for something to fill its place. UFC has gotten better and better in recent years and has acquired many pride fighters, however, Pride FC always had this vibe and element of spectacle that I just couldn't get from UFC. Asian MMA just feels different somehow in presentation and style and I missed that feeling that Pride FC once invoked. Though the Japanese Dream promotion has managed to be Pride's spiritual successor in that respect and features some great fighters, many of Dream's fights just don't have the energy and variety of the Pride days, featuring many grind-outs and static fights (as much as I'm a fan of Dream, I have come to terms with this fact). After watching One FC however, my hope in Asian MMA has been renewed!

One FC is a South East Asian MMA promotion that exhibits fighters from all over Asia. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Russia etc. etc. are all represented. There's people from all over the continent. It's really a pan-Asian event with exciting fights however, its not limited to Asian contenders either, there are Americans and Brazilians as well. The rules are a bit different than UFC. For example, soccer kicks are allowed in an open guard and the ring is shaped more like a circle than an octagon which is kind of interesting. I have to say that this venue shows a lot of promise and variety. They also got Lene Heart (a woman who's voice is either the bane of your existence or the best thing ever) to do the announcing! Awesome!

A stare-down between Japanese fighter Tatsuya Kawajiri and his American opponent Donald Sanchez at the weigh-ins for One FC 3, I've never seen Kawajiri look so pissed off. 
Their next event is set for June 23rd and will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, can't wait! Hopefully One can go on to be the Asian equivalent of the UFC just like Pride was back in the day, keep your sponsors and make sure your management knows what their doing!!! Yay One!                  

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