Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exams are done! Finally I have time to catch up on some reading and Korean lessons, and video making and job hunting etc. etc. hmm.... not much of a break is it? Oh well, as I have learned from my astronomy class, everything is relative, even in physics! As usual I would like to take a moment to put forth the empty promise of me updating this blog more often - *put forth*.

 Cool. So! The other day I finally saw Empire of the Sun an excellent Spielberg film from 1987 about this little snooty British kid growing up in Shanghai as the son of a Taipan (look it up if you don't know what that is). The whole story follows his journey from being a privileged little brat to having to survive the cholera infested Japanese internment camps during Japan's occupation of various parts of China, Shanghai included, during WWII. The film is GOOOOOOOD. See it! It has wicked cast featuring John Malkovich and Christian Bale as a kid! It was his fist movie, and yes, he could act then too. It's Spielberg so every bit of the film is awesomely directed. The production value is awesome, characters are believable, references to Chinese and Japanese stuff is accurate. I took it be an allegory of just how much the WWII screwed up peoples lives in Asia, an often ignored aspect of it by us here in the "west" or "east" since I'm in Canada.

 In other news I finally got all my application stuff in for Yonsei and I'm just awaiting a reply from the University which should come in 30 days or so. Hopefully I've maintained my average and all that! Ohhh.... tense. In preparation for Yonsei I'm studying Koren super hard now and even enrolled in a free Korean class offered the Korean consulate here in Toronto! It's a pretty good opportunity, they teach pretty well and for free! Can't complain am I right? It's a bit out of the way though. My specific intermediate class runs on Saturdays from 1-3 in Richmond hill (near Toronto) which is really far from where I live. But it's free! so yeah.

 And finally I'm watching through the Once Upon a Time in China movies because I'm hoping to compile a video comparing the three Jet Li films. Gotta say, its pretty fun watching them all again. Well that's the update, I'll hopefully get around to writing an article again soon. Stay tuned! 


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