Sunday, March 25, 2012

 Yesterday I watched Jacki Chan's latest film, 1911: Revolution. It was a pretty interesting retelling of the events surrounding the 1911 revolution in China in which the Chinese nationalist/republican forces, overthrew the Qing dynasty in a series of bloody battles. The film was directed by Jackie Chan and places him in the main supporting role as the militant right hand man for Dr. Sun-Yat-Sen, who some have credited as being the "father of modern China" played by Winston Chao. Chao looks so much like Sun-Yat-San in that film!

Winston Chao (Left) and the real Sun-Yat-Sen (Right)

 Well I've been studying a lot about this guy and the revolution in my class and I found the film to be pretty accurate, I mean why not right? As a film I thought it worked pretty well although it is quite short for a historical film and because of that, character development suffers somewhat. It certainly seems that this film was made for Chinese audiences who would have at least some per-existing knowledge of the characters. That being said, the action is pretty slick, but don't expect any traditional Jackie Chan antics, this is not an action/kung fu movie (although there is one scene that tips its hat to Jackie's previous work). All in all I found it pretty enjoyable, the battle scenes were pretty well directed, the characters were interesting, the casting was solid, but I definitely think a longer run time would have helped this film as it only clocks in at 1:40. Oh, and its Chan's 100th film! Go Chan!
PS: The Hunger Games is pretty damn good movie.      

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