Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gambler's Delight

Have you ever seen a movie that you can't really say is good or bad but must be characterized in other terms, such as crazy, sporadic, hyper-active etc.? Well I literally just finished watching the Shaw Brothers film "Gambler's Delight" and I just don't really know what to make of it.

It seems as though, whoever made this film decided to squeeze in 3 hours worth of narrative into 1 hour and 27 minutes of film. The film is paced like a hyperactive kid watching Saturday morning cartoons! Nearly every scene lasts no more than a minute and a half and the stuff that happens is so crazy that I have to write a comprehensive list of events in sequence just to convey how crazy this movie is.

1. main character introduction - the dragon - a badass dude who polices a casino
2. dragon notices woman winning too much  
3. finds out she's cheating
4. challenges her to black jack
5. challenges her to a game of cheating
6. dragon loses both
7. dragon gets whipped (literally)
8. dragon is on a boat and hatches a revenge plan
9. dragon goes to Hong Kong, meets friends and makes a plan
10. dragon and friends set up a porn theater  for money
11. porn theater gets busted by cops
12. dragon and friends are arrested
13. dragon and friends escape from jail 
14. dragon and friends con a police Sargent in order to make enough money to set up acrobatics show
15. dragon and friends put on a show with nudity and magic and gun tricks
16. gangsters come and make trouble
17. gangsters get shown up
18. gangsters get mad and attempt to rape one of dragon's female friends
19. dragon and friends cut off one of the gangster's dick and cook it and feed it to other gangsters (good god!)
20. dragon and friends hatch new plan to con money out of woman from first act

and ALL THAT HAPPENS IN THE FIRST 20 MINUTES OF THE FILM!!! That's not even a full list of the events either! I mentioned the film was 1 hr. and 20 mins. right? RIGHT?! Yeah well suffice it to say, ALOT of stuff happens in the movie. If you look away for a second you'll miss like 4 scenes! It's really crazy. I've always said that HK films were pretty fast paced but this takes the cake. Honestly though, by the end I was pretty entertained. I mean its a pretty messed up film both technically and story-wise but you just can't look away! After you finish watching it you might just say to yourself "what did I just watch? ...I dunno but it might have been awesome!" Check it out if you want a lesson in insanely sporadic film making.   

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