Monday, March 12, 2012

Drama Fever

I've been pretty damned busy for  the last week or so with midterms and stuff and didn't have the energy to blog, but now I'm done all that stuff and here I am!

So, I got hooked on this website that's been around for a while called Drama Fever. It's a website that has tonnes of East Asian media, especially Korean and Chinese dramas subtitled in English, and best of all it's FREE! (with the cost of the internet, har har!) Ah puts a smile on your face, don't it?

Currently I'm enthralled in "Hanbando" or "Peninsula" as the official English name seems to be. It's this slick Korean television drama, set in the near future where North and South Korea seem to be on the cusp of reuniting after finding a new alternate power source called "methane hydrate". After a coup in North Korea the reunification plans seem to be scraped. The main characters, a South Korean scientist and a North Korean scientist, who were working on a "unified science team" comprised of North and South Korean staff find themselves running off together (cause there in love!) with all manner of North and South Korean government cronies in hot pursuit. On top of that there are all these really interesting side stories featuring South Korean congressmen, North Korean party members, and all kinds of intrigue. (Trailer below, click if interested... not subtitled though.)

The show is apparently the highest budget Korean drama to date, and it really shows. It's a slick production with some great action, awesome and realistic characters (as far as Kdrama goes ㅋㅋㅋ - sorry couldn't resist) and really interesting political intrigue! It has a bit of the melodramatics that any East Asian drama fan will be used to, but its been toned town considerably, and it is a Korean drama after all I mean, so yeah... But anyway, I was pretty pumped for this show when I first heard of the plot, but now I just finished watching episode 8 and I can't stop! Addictive... that's a good word for it. Seriously if this sounds like your cup of tea, head over to and watch it! (look for it under the name "Peninsula") and remember, its free! And subtitled!!!!     

 PS: I don't work for and daylight savings time suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. *thud* zZzZz

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