Sunday, December 11, 2011

Korean Zombie bom-ba-ye!

If you know me, you know I like me some MMA action, and where better to go for that then the leading promotion of the sport, the UFC? This weekend was UFC 140 in Toronto (my base of operations) featuring a STACKED card with big names like, the half Brazilian, half Japanese, karate master Lyoto Machida, the young and lighting fast, Champion John Jones, UFC veteran and former champ Tito Ortiz, both Brazillian Jujutsu savvy Nogueira brothers, former champ Frank Mir, goodness gracious what a night! And man did it deliver! Every fight was explosive and exciting, few left the first round, the final fight of the evening was intense and culminated in Machida passing out from a choke, or guillotine, I couldn't really see what Jones was doing. But anyway, it was pretty darn exciting!

Hominick and Chan at the weigh-ins.
 But one of the fights I was waiting for with great interest was a fight that wasn't on too many peoples radar, which was the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jun vs Mark Hominick, a Canadian boy from London, Ontario, just an hour or so drive from Toronto. Well needless to say, I have an affinity for both these fighters. I think Koreans are totally under represented in MMA as few Koreans are competing and those who do, usually have little success internationally for whatever reason. Chan Sung Jun has so far achieved some success, winning his first two fights in UFC against decent fighters and being really exciting in WEC (his former league). so go zombie! However, Mark Hominick is a homeboy, a really nice guy, and a good, well rounded fighter. Basically I was on the fence with this one.

Chan showing off his national colours.
Though I was rooting for Chan as the underdog I, like most people, expected Hominick to take it, as he is a top contender in the lightweight division, and Chan has yet to prove himself. I was very interested to see this fight because, I had watched Chan in his WEC debut in what essentially was a non-stop brawl against another brawler Leonerd Garcia which ended in a loss for Chan by split judge decision. His second fight saw him knocked out with a nasty head kick. Upon going into UFC Chan seemed to step up his game, winning against Leonerd Garcia in a rematch via "twister", a nasty sumbission move which had never been used in the UFC until Chan's use. He said he had trained his defense for his match against Hominick and I was really curious to see how he was going to try to deal with Hominick's well-roundedness. Their match was the first of the evening and, well suffice it to say, imagine my surprise when I, sitting in a pub with my chums last night, looked down at my beer to take a swig as soon as the fight started, only to look back up at the screen and see this...

Chan's the one on top if you couldn't tell.
Chan won the fight in under 7 seconds with a hard shot to Hominick's chin, knocking out the Canadian. I nearly spat out my beer! I thought they were playing a reply video or something! But no, Chan won immediately. The whole pub was pretty damned surprised. Though I was happy with Chan's win, I was kind of dissapointed, because I never got to see how Chan changed his game, or how Hominick was going to deal with Chan's aggressive style. It also kind of sucked for Hominick because this was his second fight in Toronto and his second loss in Toronto, which puts him at a 2 loss streak on home ground. Also as a Canadian I feel sad for my fellow country and province-man (is that a word?) cause I know Hominick is a capable, top-tier fighter. Basically I wanted to see an awesome fight that both fighters could be proud of, win or lose. Nonetheless, congrats to Chan and I'm really curious to see both of these guys next fights! Keep up the good work Chan! and don't sweat it Hominick!

Oddly enough Chan is not very famous in Korea and seems to be overshadowed by UFC welterweight fighter and fellow countryman Kim Dong Hyun, currently 1-1 in the UFC and though showing that he is a capable fighter, has frankly given a rather underwhelming performance so far. Hopefully Chans's current success in the UFC will inspire Kim to step up his game! One can only hope!

Kim Dong Hyun, quite a bit more popular than Chan within Korea.

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