Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eat Your Kimchi!

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Alrighty, so some of you may know of the fabulous Korean culture themed Youtube channel "Eat Your Kimchi". The story of this channel is pretty cool. Basically, two young Canadians, Simon and Martina, went over to South Korea to teach English and, while over there, decided to make videos of the random Korean things they encountered (e.g. music, food, clothes etc.). Originally the videos were meant for friends and relatives so they could show their loved ones their Korean experience, but after sometime, their channel built up quite a large following and now they're weblebrities! But even more amazing is that Non-Koreans and Koreans alike, dig this channel and it is even viewed by Korean celebrities! Cool!!! So they got pretty famous in Korea too, and as a result they've been on all manner of popular TV shows and have rubbed elbows and interviewed all manner of Korean celebs! Man... I hope that happens to me!

Simon and Martina starting the Q&A (taken on my cellphone)
 But I digress... Why am I mentioning these folks? Well they are alumni of my university and recently they came to campus and did a Q&A! It was pretty interesting! As someone who is particularly interested in Korea and who has traveled there twice, it was really interesting get another Canadian perspective. But what surprised me was just how huge these guys are! SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP FOR THE Q&A!

This is the lineup for their autographs! Unreal!
 Having my own video show that I am trying to popularize (West of Hollywood! YAY!) I asked them how they got so popular. They told me that they just stayed consistent and made the videos not to please anyone in particular, but because they enjoyed it! So I'm gonna be putting a bit more time into my own series as a result.

Signing autographs!
 Also check their site out if you like Korean stuff! It's good and they're quite entertaining and informative!

Even the English language South Korean TV station "Arirang Korea" was there! I dream of working for these guys!

 So if  you think you might be into this head on over to: and EAT YOUR KIMCHI!!!!!     

They actually made a video and I'm in it, somewhere... hehehe (I look really dorky though)

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