Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 More Things I Hate About Anime

Okay! So, I wanna get off the topic of anime here so I'm gonna do all the rest of them in one shot so I can talk about some other stuff for a change! Cause this is supposed to be a frikin' East Asian stuff blog and anime is a pretty limited aspect of all that stuff so! Without further ado, the last 5 in express format!

 Silly English Names

This is Lelouch, he's mad cause his name sounds CRAZY!
 Alright! This one is fairly straight forward. In a lot of anime you have characters that are supposed to be "western" characters, i.e. not Japanese. Normally western people have names like, Bill or Robert or Alice or George or.. well you get the idea. But in anime western people often have ridiculous names that seem to have been invented by someone who has never seen a Western person in real life but heard a European dialect spoken once and imagined what western names must sound like based on that.

Some animes do use proper English names, but a lot of the time we get things like -
Hernz Higgins or Leon Scorps or Lelouch Lamperouge or Nunally vi Britannia or Silvee Shicklestein or WHATEVER. Point being, I never met anyone with the last name Scorps, or the first name Lelouch or Nunally and what does "vi" mean anyway!?

I think you get the picture, on with the next one!     

Women Who Act Like Little Girls

This one I've always found pretty weird and creepy. This usually happens in romantic animes in which the main character is usually a dude and socially incompetent. So this dude happens to meet some girl who looks like something like THIS!

So the main character hooks up with this chick, yet for some bizarre reason she seems to be confused by everything, as if she had been living underground for her whole life and only recently surfaced. She can't seem to do anything by herself and thus empowers her nerdy boyfriend when he is forced to perform even the most mundane tasks for her like tying her shoes. If you have watched anime regularly at any point in your life YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! And maybe she's 15 or maybe she's 25 but you wouldn't know cause she acts like she's 6! The annoying thing is that in many animes they try to play this sort of uber dependent relationship off as being cute or desirable. Well its not! It's creepy! Also, if you had a girlfriend like this for more than a week you would LOSE YOUR SHIT! GUARANTEED! So maybe your thinking, "but Alex maybe Japanese girls act like that." If this is what you think, go visit your nearest Japanese girl to become disillusioned. NEXT!

Useless Characters

Sakura from Naruto, she may look cool, but she was useless for much of the series.

 Many action animes have these. Basically you have the main character, whose a hero, or anti hero but is generally bad-ass. Then you have the hero's buddies who are also badass but not as badass as the hero. They all have their skills and powers which come in handy in battles and various other situations. Then you have the useless character or characters. These people serve no real purpose other than getting in the way of the badass characters or getting captured or killed. And the worst
thing is that their almost always a jerk about it, complaining about how much they suck or whatever, It's annoying!   

Badly Animated Action Scenes
Imagine if your fight scene was just this frame with sounds and camera movement... this actually happens in some lower quality animes. Kind of destroys the illusion doesn't it?

 This is strictly for action animes. You know when you have one of those animes where the characters look really cool and have crazy powers or abilities and you can't wait for them to scrap!? And then they do... and it sucks because there's no goddamn movement!? Well... yeah that sucks. When Japanese animation studios cut corners by literally reducing fight scenes to a bunch of still frames... it sucks! I think this the reason why my parents and other non-initiated tend to think Japanese animation is low-quality with the exception of Miazaki.

Extremely Slow Pacing

I've been powering up for 7 weeks! When can I shoot this F**king Kameamea already!!!

Watch Dragonball Z if you want to see a series in which a fight scene that would take something like 3 to10 minutes in real-time is stretched out to span 5 to 10 episodes... Oh wait, what's that? You don't want to? That's funny... NEITHER DO I! SNOOOOOOOOOORE... 

 Gratuitous Fan Service
This is something that I think really alienates anime from the uninitiated and makes anime fans look like a bunch of creepy pervs. Here's an example - lets say we have an action anime in which a female character is gonna be doing a lot of ass kicking. Well naturally she would be wearing a school uniform or some other outfit with a mini-skirt which ensures that every time she throws a kick her panty's are exposed for all to see right? riiiiiiight... 

An old-school example of the not-so-illusive panty shot.
 That's just one example but this sort of thing happens to female characters and ranges from panty shots to girls getting their clothes blown off for various reasons to all manner of stuff. Now I'm not part of any temperance union or anything, I don't wanna be a tight ass, but this stuff just happens so much in anime and half the time its pointless. I could understand the odd panty shot here and there as even in real life such things happen. But seriously, sometimes its so damn obvious and creepy. It doesn't help that it is often the result of a girl wearing a school uniform with a skirt which is way too short. The fact that she's wearing a school uniform in the first place probably means she's under-aged, which is pretty creepy if you think about the average age demographic for anime fans. I dunno, I just find it unnecessary and the fact that its sort of sneaky and not really overt just adds to the creepiness factor.               

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