Tuesday, October 11, 2011

J-rocking out!

Hey hey!

So I've recently returned to the wonderful world of J-rock and what gems I have found! It was one stormy night when I was looking for some new Polysics tracks (a Japanese band that is probably my favourite group ever!) and a stumbled across this other bizarre group called モーモールルギャバン.
For those of you who can't read Kana (myself included) that spells MowMow LuLu Gyaban and they're pretty wild. I would describe them as a Japanese indie alternative group with a wide range of sounds, none of which are conventional. I just got a hold of their latest album BeVeci Calopueno (try saying that ten times fast) and it's just such a unique sound! If you know who Polysics are then I would describe this as a sort of Polysics lite, only that wouldn't really do it justice. 

Album cover for MowMow LuLu Gyaban's latest album BeVeci Calopueno check out their single: Hello!! Mr. Coke-High below.  

In other news I've also finally got around to getting into The Pillows. They have actually been around for quite sometime and you anime fans out there might know them as being the soundtrack of the Ginex anime and cult classic FLCL. But I just started seriously listening to them and they are go0o0o0o0o0d. Check out one of their more popular tunes, Ride on Shooting star below.


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