Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good ol' Saku...

Look at that smiling face and that laughter t-shirt! What's not to love?
 Who is this man? Why it's Kazushi Sakuraba of course! Now if you know me, you know I don't like street fighting. It's dangerous, it's horrible, and just sucks. However, I do like me some MMA or mixed martial arts. Though I've only recently go into it (in the last 2 years or so) I've trained in martial arts for a number of years and I just love to see it applied in a controlled setting. Though I don't think the name MMA is a very good representation of the sport, we don't really have any better name for it at the moment so there. But that's another post entirely. Anyway, I also love me some Sakuraba! This guy is a legend of Japanese MMA who has done a lot for the popularity of the sport in Japan and once upon a time he was a totally awesome, dynamic and versatile fighter and a great showman who was fun to watch both in and out of the ring.

Saku getting ready to pummel Royce Gracie
 Sadly years of fighting are not easy on the body. Taking hits, throwing kicks and punches, and performing complicated ground maneuvers tends to chip away at your constitution and Sakuraba has been in the game for a long time. This guy is a legend no doubt. He has been in over 40 MMA fights and has won the majority of them. But seriously, this man needs to retire. His last 4 fights have been extremely lack luster. I have just finished watching a recording of Dream 17 (currently the definitive Japanese MMA venue) on HDnet which featured his most recent fight, and it was pretty depressing. Hans Thompson, one of the announcers described him as looking like "an old man in pain" and both Mike Civello and Frank Trigg (the other two HDnet Dream announcers) both agreed that it's time for Saku to hang up his gloves. It's sad cause I love this guy and I'm not alone. I think he really brings an element of fun to the sport and back in his prime he was awesome to watch. But as much as I loved watching him then, I hate watching him get beat up now. Most of the recent fights I've seen are often severely one sided with Saku on the receiving end. Saku my man... it's time to pass the torch and start training some new guys, or use all that charisma and become an announcer! But please! Stop fighting! 

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