Monday, October 10, 2011

G is for Green! (not really)


Well I got some interesting news for you K-pop fans! This is likely old news by now but my girl in Korea informs me that the famous Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Member of Big Bang, G-Dragon has been busted for smoking some weed in Japan. GOOD GRAVY! As a result the good ol' publicists at YG entertainment (his company) were debating whether or not he should be allowed to carry on as a member of Big Bang (his pop group) or even if he should be punished further. Well naturally he was let off the hook as it was a nominal amount of weed that he was caught with. Which is good! G-Dragon is a pretty talented and creative dude. I sort of liken him to a Korean male Lady Gaga (that's meant to be a compliment as I firmly believe that Lady Gaga is the best thing to happen to popular music in the last decade). Anyway as a result of his transgression he is apparently no longer allowed to perform in Japan which, if this is true, really sucks for all those Japanese fans of Big Bang (of which there are many).      

Sorry.. I couldn't resist... that's G-Dragon by the way...
So some of you might be wondering "what's the big deal brah? Sometimes ya just gotta puff on some green homie!" Well, yes, admittedly here in Canada and apparently some parts of the States weed is not that big of a deal. But in Korea and Japan, you best not get caught with a spliff cause otherwise you're probably going to jail. Seriously. And this brings about an interesting question; why is weed so damned illegal over there? It's interesting because both Korea and Japan have very developed drinking and smoking cultures to the point where it's not uncommon to see people sleeping in the streets on weekend evenings! (Seriously! I've seen it with my own eyes!). As well, many of the people I have met from East Asia who have recently arrived in Canada for school or working holidays share this view of weed being right up there with cocaine and heroin. Admittedly, in my experience, many of these people's views tend to change after staying here for a while but I find this comparison to be pretty wild. You hear tonnes of stories of peoples dying from cocaine and heroin overdoses but, at least to my knowledge, no one has ever died from weed alone.

Here's G-Dragon and TOP's video for the song "High High" it's catchy! (it's NOT about smoking weed)

Overall I don't think this will lose him too many fans as I'm pretty sure the g-dragonites have already made up their minds about him ages ago. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this whole situation is that G-Dragon didn't even deny it. He just flat out admitted to toking up, which honestly takes a lot of balls especially in South Korea's music industry where having a squeaky clean image is extremely important. So I have to say this kind of makes me admire G-Dragon even more as this whole thing makes him seem a bit more real and down-to-earth somehow. Anyway, you go G!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving by the way!   

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