Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Snack Time!

Hello friends! I believe in a previous post I mentioned that I was an ESL tutor. Well, a few weeks ago a for my birthday a magical box was bestowed upon me by two of my Korean students. What treasures lay wait inside? Why, snacks of course!

There was more stuff in here originally, this was taken after I ate half the contents...

    But now you are probably saying "Alex! Why are you showing me this? I don't have Korean snacks! Why are you gloating about your possessions?! Do you think your better than me you pompous #*$@!?" Well you need to calm down friend. Because I'm here to help introduce you to the world of Korean snacks! I painstakingly recorded and reviewed every snack that I ate from this box, with details on texture, taste and packaging, for the betterment of your lives. Why? Because I love you! And now, without further ado, SNACKS!!!

Snack the first...

 뿌셔뿌셔 - Ppushu Ppushu (Barbecue Flavour)

Here we have a delightful package featuring a little dude sporting some sort of super hero costume and a giant hammer. The characters on the front are romanized as "ppushu ppushu" but a more accurate sound would be "pushaw pushaw", similar to the sound English aristocrats make when their bored or disinterested. (eg. "Pshaw! These foreign delicacies interest me not!"). "ppushu ppushu" is an onomatopoeia which constitutes the bashing of something (think bash bash), hence the use of a hammer on the package. But why all the violence?

 As you can see the contents of this delightful package look very much like instant noodles. This is because they essentially are. Now I know what you must be thinking, "Alex; shame on you. I've had instant noodles before. I come to this blog for something NEW!" Well don't be fooled friends, this block of noodley goodness is not destined for the pot or kettle (although you probably could just boil it if you wanted to). These dehydrated noodles have been specially designed to eat dry! As you can see they come with a powdery BBQ flavor pack of which your are meant to pour on the noodles and "ppushu ppushu" them up.

Ppushu Ppushu after its been "ppushueded".

Here we have Ppushu Ppushu in its final stage. The flavouring is on and its ready to be eaten. And now, the review.


Texture - Crispy and brittle. Like potato-chips or dehydrated instant noodles : P

Flavour - An interesting mix between the classic BBQ chip and instant noodle flavouring powder. I rather liked it.

Appearence - like crushed up instant noodles.


I found it difficult to ignore the fact that it's just repackaged instant noodles with better flavour. You could get a similar effect by crushing up a pack of instant noodles and tossing in the flavour packet. Thus, it looses points for originality. However, its good and costs just as much as a pack of instant noodles so, no harm done I suppose. The package is also awesome! I love the mascot who I have named, "Bashing Hammer Brother". Look for it at your local Korean super market! More to come!     

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