Friday, June 24, 2011

Korean Snack Time: Red Bean Bar

Yo yo! Sorry my friends, I have been lazy with the blog lately, and also kind of busy preparing for my trip to Korea! Well friends, I am here again with another amazing snack from the hermit kingdom! Lets take a look!

열양갱 (yeol yahng gaeng) - Read Bean Snack

The first snack's packaging doesn't look entirely remarkable, it sports a peach coloured box with the characters "yeol yahng gaeng". I'm not really sure what that means. On the left there is a picture of a wheat stock with some info which suggests that it contains 1.3 percent rice.

Upon opening the box, we see a soft bar wrapped in foil (no pic) and upon opening that, we get a bar of soft, somewhat gelatinous red bean that looks like... well you know...

Looks delicious right? RIGHT?
Well I'm sure this dosen't look too appetizing but don't judge a book by its cover cause its quite nice actually! Especially if your a fan of red bean like me.


Texture - Soft and chewy, sort of like toffee

Flavour - Sweet but subtle, if you ever had red bean before, then you know what I mean.

Appearance - like brownish-red log of toffee, or.... poo -_-


I love me some red bean! This is basically like eating glutinous red bean paste. I very much enjoyed it with some tea and biscuits. Its hard to describe the taste of red bean accurately because it has a fairly unique flavour which is difficult to compare to anything. If you like naturally sweet flavours than give this one a try. I found that eating it by cutting into some slices with a knife worked well. Enjoy!

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