Thursday, June 2, 2011


What up pointless sequel?! Well apparently that's what people have been telling me about The Hangover Part II; which I saw just the other day.

Hangovers are generally terrible. The sense of dizziness and disorientation accompanied by nausea and an often brutal headache; the way your bodily functions just don't seem to work right etc. etc. Well suffice it to say The Hangover part II was not as bad as a real hangover. In fact it was rather watchable, although, unlike a really bad hangover, not really all that remarkable. There were some funny scenes and the characters were interesting enough. I was actually curious to see how the film would end as well! But I have never seen the first one so I assume some references were lost on me. Anyway, as a film, not all the great, but not all that bad either. I have a feeling that if you absolutely LOVED the first one, you will like this one too.

The "wolf pack" in Bangkok.
So why am I even talking about this film? Well cause it took place in Thailand and if you're not a ridiculous person, you know that Thailand is located in South East Asia. This here's a blog about East Asian stuff, so after seeing this movie I just had to blog about it. Well, I suppose I should talk about the way Thailand was portrayed in the film... and in regards to that.. well, there's not much to say really. It basically follows the formula you would expect from a Hollywood comedy taking place in a foreign country. It wastes no time in exploiting the easily recognizable stereotypes and cultural "elements" that Thailand is known for among the target audience. Something along the lines of"Thailand! Yeah! That's that Asian place, with kickboxing and she-males and crime and drugs and elephants and stuff!" It would be way easier to rip on this film if there wasn't some truth in that summary. 

I've never been to Thailand, but I know quite few people who have, and have seen a number of Thai films and have read a number of books about Thai culture and Bangkok especially. And, well... wouldn't you know it; based on the accounts of travelers and various writers who have spent time in Bangkok, its apparently not all that difficult to find just about any of those things that I listed above, with the possible exception of elephants; you would probably need to get further into the countryside to see a lot of them. Now this film is a comedy, so obviously it's exaggerated. That is to say that the real Bangkok is pretty much a city like any other. Yes, Bangkok is quite famous for being sexually diverse, no, not every woman in Bangkok was originally a man. Yes, Bangkok is home to number of gangs and criminals, but then again, so is every city... ever. I guess what I'm saying is when you watch this film don't take it as a constructive commentary on Bangkokian society (is that even a word?). But you didn't need me to tell you that right? RIGHT!?


PS: Zack Ggalifianakis's's's character has this absurd flashback scene which is actually quite hilarious : ) But its the best scene in the movie and every other scene doesn't come close its funniness : (                         

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