Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It begins!!

Greetings, friends, relatives, foreign nationals, etc. and welcome to this very special first post in a hopefully long line of weekly posts about East Asian things. I am Alex, a man charged with the power of, from a young age, being unnaturally interested in the mysteries of the Eastern portion of the continent known as Asia. What mysteries you ask? Well... anything really.  But why is this strange? Well its not or at least it shouldn't be in this fantastic information age we live in, however, I am not of East Asian decent you see, so on this side of the world (being North America) I get a lot of "funny looks" when I display my esoteric knowledge of East Asian things. In fact, not to sound pretentious, many close friends consider me an authority on the subject. So after much deliberation and taking into account that a lot of people I know have blogs, including my 91 year-old grandmother (that's not a joke) I decided to take the initiative and take my love of discussing East Asian things to the internet! And now, the story of how that happened... as if you actually wanted to hear it...     

I awoke one fine spring morning in my Toronto (that's in Canada) house, at the tender age of twenty-five, and realized that since the tenderer age about 5, I had been incredibly interested in, and amassed a ridiculous amount of things and practices that are generally considered, for lack of a better word, East Asian. I also realized that I really liked talking about them. Sadly, quite a few of my friends and loved ones do not share the same level of enthusiasm as I, and rightly so! I understand intercultural studies are not everyone's forte. That is why I have turned to the all powerful internet in hopes that I may share my knowledge with those who would seek it out. But you don't want to hear about me! You are a human being (unless you are, in fact an animal, in which case I apologize for making baseless assumptions) and therefore want to know what I can do for you!

This blog will cover myriad areas of East Asian things such as, books, food, drink (alcoholic and non), cultural issues, video games, movies, music, pop-culture, history and all kinds of other stuff presented with pictures and possibly eventually movies for your easy consumption! YAY! The posts will be presented in no specific order and the subjects will be entirely dependent on whatever I feel like talking about at the time. So there you have it! Fun and accessible East Asian goodness! The first real post will be coming soon! So check it! Woo!

P.S. Some of you may be wondering what "pseudo cultural studies" are, well basically, though I am an East Asian Studies Major, I'm not really an anthropologist, so I figure I'm not really qualified to be conducting "real cultural studies" har har.      

Enjoy! -Alex

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  1. Stephen wants to know what your granny blogs about...